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recursively enumerable (Definition)

For a language $ L$, TFAE:

A language $ L$ fulfilling any (and therefore all) of the above conditions is called recursively enumerable.


  1. Any recursive language.
  2. The set of encodings of Turing machines which halt when given no input.
  3. The set of encodings of theorems of Peano arithmetic.
  4. The set of integers $ n$ for which the hailstone sequence starting at $ n$ reaches 1. (We don't know if this set is recursive, or even if it is $ \mathbb{N}$; but a trivial program shows it is recursively enumerable.)

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See Also: halting problem, Turing computable

Other names:  semi-recursive
Also defines:  semi-recursive, recursively enumerable function

Cross-references: even, sequence, integers, Peano arithmetic, recursive, one-to-one, onto, recursive function, Turing machine, TFAE, language
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AMS MSC03D25 (Mathematical logic and foundations :: Computability and recursion theory :: Recursively enumerable sets and degrees)

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