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Hypertext (Definition)

A hypertext is a kind of database system which allows creative linking of objects. It is essentially made by structural hyperlinks that follow the structural metadata and external referential links. Hypertext system is essentially used to better organize large information sources so that browsing through them is easier. An example of hypertext is the World Wide Web.

If H be a structure and C be a collection then hypertext HT = (H, Contents, P) is a triple such that:

(1) Contents $ \subseteq$ C $ \cup$ AllSubStreams $ \cup$ AllSubStructuredStreams

(2) P is a function which associates a node of the hypertext with the node content.

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Cross-references: node, associates, function, collection, structure, sources, information, links, objects

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AMS MSC68P20 (Computer science :: Theory of data :: Information storage and retrieval)

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