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hard core (Definition)

If $ f$ is a function and $ R$ is a polynomial time computable relation, we say $ R$ is a hard-core of $ f$ if for any probabilistic, polynomial time computable relation $ S$ and any polynomial function $ p$, there is some $ m$ such that for all $ n>m$:

$\displaystyle \operatorname{Pr}[S(f(x))=R(x)]<\frac{1}{p(n)}$

In particular, if $ f$ is one-to-one polynomial time computable then $ f$ is one-way, since if it were not $ f$ could be reversed to find $ x$, and then $ R(x)$ calculated (since $ R$ is polynomial time computable).

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Other names:  hard-core

Cross-references: one-way, one-to-one, polynomial function, relation, computable, polynomial time, function

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