Cp Sc 120
Lab Syllabus

This document may be augmented or modified by your Lab Instructor.


This portion of computer science course CpSc-120 is a hands-on microcomputer applications course designed to familiarize students with microcomputers and microcomputer applications software as used in various business, commercial, and educational settings. To assist in accomplishing our objectives, students work in a microcomputer laboratory, where they perform hands on exercises and develop skills with typical applications. Emphasis will be on teaching the student how to be self-reliant through on-line help facilities. Mastery of each application is not expected nor a goal of this course. Rather a general over-view of how to learn to use the application is emphasized.


Primarily, the class will be conducted as a self-paced activity using a on-line or printed book containing application projects. There will be little 'lecture' offered during the lab class. The lab instructor will be constantly available for essentially individual tutoring. The emphasis will be on becoming self-sufficient.


The textbook is go! with Microsoft Office 2003: Brief by Gaskin ... et al. It will be supplied on-line this semester or a copy can be purchased from the bookstore.


Each lab will count equally toward the lab average. This consists of 13 in class labs and one out of class lab, a Web page.

For each unexcused absence after the first, the maximum grade that you can make will be decreased by 11 points. If example if you had 3 unexcused absences, the maximum you could make would be a 78.

At the end of the semester minimum of the average of your 14 labs and the unexcused absence maximum grade not exceeding 100% will be reported to your lecture instructor who will average it in with the lecture grades. The lab portion of Cp Sc 120 should count about 20% of the overall 120 grade.


See department policy.


The following policies and procedures are to be followed by all lab students:

  • Follow DCIT's policy on Misuse of Computing Resources.
  • PROTECT your computer account and password. If you allow anyone else to use your computer account, your computer account will be disabled, and without an account you will not be able to pass this course.
  • ALWAYS bring the appropriate text, manual, cd, and diskettes for saving your data files if required.
  • Students may be required to do preparatory work prior to coming to the lab. This includes reading the relevant material in the appropriate text or manual, possibly taking a review quiz, and practicing the lab.
  • Clean up all paper and other debris from around printers and your computer before you leave, regardless of whether it is yours or not. Also, make sure chairs have been pushed back before you leave.
  • When you are done with your lab exercises, be sure to exit from the application and return to the Login screen.  Never Forget To Log Out!!!
  • No food, beverages, or use of tobacco products is allowed in any of the computer laboratories. Violation may lead to expulsion from the course.
  • Any abuse or mistreatment of any equipment or laboratory support materials may also be cause for expulsion from the course.
  • Save all of your work on a diskette, CD, or on your network drive, and save all returned lab assignments and other material until you have received your final grade. This is for your protection. Be sure to back up any diskette or CD you choose to use.
  • It is a CRIME to copy software from the lab computers to install on your own or another computer.


The department policy on attendance is as follows:
Attendance is required. Roll will be taken each class.


  • 1 absences - You are allowed one unexcused absence, on the second you may be dropped from the course and would receive an F for the lab if past the drop date.

Excused absences are for the following reasons:

  • Illness treated by a doctor or at Redfern. Show receipt as documentation of treatment.
  • University team participation.
  • Serious problem of a highly personal, confidential nature. (Written excuse may be from the Dean of Students or the Counseling Center.)
  • Other reason with prior approval by instructor.

NOTE: Field trips for activities for other classes or university sponsored events are generally excused. The written notice of your participation in these events MUST be presented to your instructor after the absense. Failure to do so will be considered as an unexcused absence. In all cases of excused absence, a written notification is required, with your name, student number, class section, date(s), and other particulars (such as name of doctor). If you write the note yourself, you are required to sign it, and indicate how the instructor may obtain confirmation should he or she so desire.  This written notification must be submitted to the lab instructor within one week of the absence.  Failure to submit an acceptable excuse will result in an unexcused absence and the appropriate action will be take by the instructor.