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Cp Sc 120
Lab 1

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Complete the following projects.
Your instructor will describe the class and go over the syllabus.
Click on the PDF link to the left to open the syllabus in a new window. When you are finished reading the syllabus, you may close the syllabus window.

Important Points:

  • If you fail the lab, you fail the entire course.
  • You are only allowed one unexcused absence.
  • Your lab grade is reported to your lecture instructor to be averaged in with your lecture grades at the end of the semester.
  • The projects in the lab textbook ask you to print. You will not need to print the projects. You may do so if you are not in the lab room and wish to print a copy.
Learn to Use Clemson's WebMail

The instructor will instruct you in the use of Clemson WebMail. After you learn to use WebMail, you will use it to complete the following project.

  1. Create a new email message.
  2. Get the email address of someone near you.
  3. Mail a greeting to the person.
  4. Make sure someone sends you an email.
  5. Reply to the email someone sends to you.
  6. Keep the reply from your other person for a following assignment
Internet Scavenger Hunt
Click on the HTML (Web page) link to the left. The instructions for this project will open in a new window. When finished with this project, close the project window.
For Lab 2:
  1. If you have a computer that you will be using to work on the Web page project, install Nvu on your computer. Go to http://www.nvu.com (new window). Click on Downloads. Click on the link for the version for your operating system.