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Department of Computer Science, Clemson University
CpSc 481/681, Game Engine Construction
Policies and Information
Brian Malloy, PhD
August 25, 2005

Office: 313 McAdams Hall Phone: 656-0808
Office Hours: Wed 2:30-4:00 e-mail:
No office hours on Mon or Fri TA: me

  1. There is no official textbook for this iteration of this course. I will be taking material from the textbook: Programming Linux Games, by John R. Hall, et al. I will supplement the text with additional material taken from other textbooks and from the SDL website.

  2. Tentative Grading Policy ($\pm$ 10%):

    Exams 50% Date: Oct 11th, Oct 27th
    Final Exam 10% Date: Dec 8th, Thu
    Assignments 20%  
    Mid-Project Presentation 5% Nov. 3rd
    Final Project 15% Dec 16th, Fri 1:00 - 4:00 PM
    Fall Break   Oct 17-18, Mon & Tue
    Thanksgiving Holiday   Nov 23-25, Wed, Thu & Fri
    Final Exam Week   Dec 10-17, Sat - Sat

  3. Course objective: to master techniques in game engine construction using the Simple DirectMedia Layer, SDL, and the C/C++ programming language.

  4. Attendence: Attendence at classes is expected. Many studies have found that the single factor that contributes the most to success in a course is class attendance. Failure to attend not only hurts you, but places an extra burden on the instructor and detracts from the overall quality of the course. If you have exceeded 3 unexcused absenses before the drop date you may be dropped from the course. If you are not or cannot be dropped, or if the last day to drop has already passed, you will receive an F for the course. You are responsible for keeping track of your situation in the course. If you know that you have exceeded the maximum number of absences before the last day to drop you should go ahead and drop the course yourself to avoid an F.

  5. Policy and Syllabus: This policy & the syllabus can be found on my web page.

  6. Venue: The course meets in Daniel 408 on Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 until 1:45. If the instructor has not arrived by 12:45, you may assume that something bad has happened and you may depart.

  7. 481: This course will be incorporated into the regular curriculum with a normal course number.

  8. Assignments: Your assignments will be done by you, alone. You may talk about what you did and how you did it with me or with fellow students; I would like to encourage communication among students. Obviously, you may not give/mail your code to another student. Your assignments will use SDL and must be coded in the C or C++ programming language.

  9. Project: you may work in groups of sizes 1 to 3. It is hoped that the synergy of working together will produce some interesting and unique results. Nevertheless, you may also choose to develop your project by yourself. The goal is for each of you to acquire an understanding and a working knowledge of game engine construction using SDL and C/C++.

  10. Grades: The grading scale is: 90 or better is an A, 80 or better is a B.

  11. Behavior: Please do not engage in side conversations during class. Try to direct your comments to all of us. I believe that we're all interested in learning more about game construction.

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Brian Malloy 2005-08-25