Topics in Symbolic Artificial Intelligence
Design, Learning and Collaboration

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General Remark for all assignments -- always remember the following statement by Blaise Pascal: I have made this letter longer than usual, because I lack the time to make it shorter.

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Monday Wednesday
Jan 11
Introduction, Discussion of Class
Jan 13
Overview of Design
Assignment 1
Jan 18
No lecture -- Martin King Holiday
Jan 20
A Case Study in Designing and Evaluting Collaborative Systems
Jan 25
Presentation of the Envisionment and Discovery Collaboratory
Assignment 2
Jan 27
Overview of Learning
Feb 1
Overview of Collaboration
Assignment 3
Assignment 3a
Feb 3
Guest lecture by Dr. John Thomas (IBM Research)
Collaborative Creation of Knowledge and Knowledge Management
Assignment 4
Feb 8
Guest lecture by Lucy Suchman (Xerox PARC)
Putting Working Document Collections Online
Assignment 5 Due

NOTE: This will be in ECCR 245
Feb 10

Series of Lectures about Design

Feb 15
Design=Science of the Art
Feb 17
Software Design
(Three Generations of Design Methodologies) - Starfire Videotape
Feb 22
"Looking Under The Hood" - Technical Solutions and Problems with the EDC Assignment 6
Feb 24
Domain-Oriented Design Environments and Critiquing

Series of Lectures about Research Issues in the Development of Socio-Technical Systems

Mar 1
Iterative Design Techniques & Usability Testing (Leysia)
assigned reading material
Mar 3
Understanding Work Contexts (Leysia)
assigned reading material
Mar 8
Field Study Methods A: Lab v. Field Studies, Method Traditions, Participatory Design (Leysia)
assigned reading material
Mar 10
Field Study Methods B: Ethnography, Grounded Theory, Contextual Inquiry, Distributed Cognition (Leysia)
assigned reading material

Series of Lectures about Learning

Mar 15
Lifelong Learning and Self-Directed Learning
Mar 17
Learning on Demand and High-Functionality Applications
Assignment 7
Mar 22
No Lecture -- Spring Break
Mar 24
No Lecture -- Spring Break
Mar 29
Learner-Centered Design: 'Beyond Gift-Wrapping'
Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Interactive Learning Environments and Domain-Oriented Design Environments
Example: "How the West Was Won"

Assignment 8a
Mar 31
Organizational Learning
Assignment 8b

Series of Lectures about Collaboration

Apr 5
Collaborative Learning
Rogerio's Presentation
Assignment 9
Apr 7
Computer-Supported Collaborative Work
Assignment 10
Apr 12
Discussion of Projects
Assignment 11
Apr 14
Organizational Memories
Apr 19
Knowledge Management (Push and Pull Technologies)
Assignment 12
Apr 21
Design = f(Media) and Revisiting Design from a Learning and Collaboration Perspective
Apr 26
Fundamental Processes for Complex Systems
Assignment 13
Assignment 14
Apr 28
Collaboration = f(Media) and Revisiting Collaboration from a Design and Learning Perspective
May 3 - Last Day of Class
Final Lecture
Presentation of Projects
(last class meeting - if possible this meeting may be extended, because there will be no additional exam)
May 12 -

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