CSCI B582 - Spring 2000

Introduction to Virtual Reality & CAVE Programming



Eric Wernert (
Office Hours - TBA, concurrent with class lab time

Times & Locations

Lecture - Monday & Wednesday, 1:00pm - 2:15pm, LH115
Weekly class lab time in CAVE lab (LH 135) and Ships cluster (SB 230) - TBA

Description & Objectives

For the spring semester 2000, B582 will focus on virtual reality in general and CAVE programming specifically.  The course will survey of a range of VR hardware and software technologies, user interface techniques, and specific applications of the technology. Significant time will be devoted to programming techniques for the CAVE (CAVE Automated Virtual Environment) using the CAVE Libraries in conjunction with OpenGL and Iris Performer.  Students will propose, design, and implement a semester project.  Prerequisites: B481 or B581 (Interactive Computer Graphics).

Objectives: By the end of this course, students should be able to:

Assignments and Grading

Presentations: Each student will be required to give four semi-formal presentations during the course of the semester. Presentations will last 15-20 minutes and should be supported by HTML-based slides. The presentations will be from each of the following areas: Programming Assignments: There will be two relatively simple programming assignments to gauge mastery of CAVE library programming.

Semester Project: Each student will select, design, and implement a semester project. Unless otherwise agreed to by the instructor, projects should be targeted for use and display in the CAVE.

Grading: 1000 points total.  Unless otherwise noted, all assignments will be completed individually.
4 short presentations with supporting web notes (100 pts each) 40%
2 programming assignments (50 pts each) 10%
semester project (400 pts)  40%
attendance  10%

Required Resources