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Organization of Course

Oncourse E-mail

Evaluation & Taking Tests

Online Gradebook

Course Syllabus

A.  Organization of Course

Course announcements, administrative tasks, and class management items will be posted on the Course Announcements page (CSCI A110 Oncourse Home Page) when you log into Oncourse. Please take time to read through the latest announcements every time you log in.

For a complete course overview, choose the Oncourse Syllabus tab.

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B.  Oncourse E-mail

All members of the course are expected to use the Oncourse email system. I do realize that it will take you some time to get used to reading two different email accounts (your IUB account and Oncourse account). However, it will help us all keep our materials organized throughout the semester and stay in touch to use Oncourse email. To access your Oncourse email account:

  • Log into Oncourse
  • Choose the In Touch tab
  • Under the Course Mail heading, click on Oncourse Mail
  • To view mail, choose the Inbox
  • To read mail, click on the subject line of a message
  • To send a new email message, click on Send New Mail, which is listed at the top of the page in blue.

You can set your Oncourse email account to alert your IUB Webmail account once a day when you have messages in Oncourse:

  • Choose the "In Touch" tab
  • Click on Oncourse Mail
  • Choose Change Preferences
  • Enter your Webmail Address
  • Click on Save Preferences

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D.  Evaluation and Test Taking

You will be evaluated on completion of ten lab assignments; three lab tests; ten lecture quizzes, and a lecture mid-term and final. For the lab assignments you will apply the lecture concepts to real-world applications. The assignments have been designed to take 1-2 hours of effort, and will be collaborative only when specified.

Currently, three of your lab assignments may be group assignments. You will be expected to contribute equal work to accomplish the grade for the group assignment. Part of your grade will be derived from your peer evaluations related to your contributions on the group assignments.

At the discretion of the Lecturer, quizzes and exams may be administered via Oncourse during your regularly scheduled lab times. On these occasions, after you have logged onto Oncourse, you will choose the Tools tab. To take a scheduled test, you will choose the "Take Test or Survey" option and follow directions to complete the test.

I expect and trust all students in CSCI A110 on the Web will abide by the Academic Honesty standards set out by the Computer Science Department and Indiana University.

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E. Online Gradebook

You will have full access to all your submitted grades throughout the semester by accessing the online gradebook. After you have logged in to Oncourse, to view current grades, simply choose the Tools tab and click on Online Gradebook(s). Remember this is an electronic environment and computer glitches can happen; ALWAYS save an electronic backup copy as well as a hard copy of all assignments you submit for grading.

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