B443/B543 Computer Architecture 
Spring 2006

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General Information


Jonathan W. Mills
IU Computer Science Department

telephone 855-4317 (LH120), 855-7081 (LH330C) Don't leave voicemail at LH330C
email jwmills@cs.indiana.edu


Adam Miller
Office: LH 035
email: akmiller@cs.indiana.edu

Office Timings

Lectures: Monday and Wednesday, 9:30pm - 10:45pm in ED 1120 (Education Building)

Labs: Tuesday, 4:00pm - 5:15pm and Friday, 1:00pm - 2:15pm in LH 035
Instructor's Office Hours: By appointment
Adam's Office Hours: By appointment

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Course Description

B443/543 Computer Architecture is a survey of the basic principles and techniques used in current computer architectures. Topics include logic, arithmetic, microprogrammed control, instruction set design, the memory hierarchy, and quantitative analytic methods. The course focuses on reduced instructions set computer architectures (RISCs) and introduces both instruction-level parallelism (internal to the CPU) and distributed and networked parallelism (external to the CPU), although the emphasis and specifics may vary.
Official Course Descriptions: B443, B543

Weights of Exams/Assignments

Subject to change.
Homeworks/Paper 15%
Labs 30%
Midterm 20%
Final 35%


B443 B543
97-100 A+ A+
93-96 A+ A
90-92 A A-
87-89 A- B+
83-86 B+ B
80-82 B B-
77-79 B- C+
73-76 C+ C
70-72 C C-
67-69 C- D+
63-66 D+ D
60-62 D D-
0-59 F F

Lab/Office Hours

The Gemini Lab is located in LH 035.

Assignments (Spring 2006):

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Notes (Spring 2006):

Notes January 11, 2006 covering Gemini and Microcoding

Notes January 18, 2006 covering basic computer structures and limits and factors

Notes January 23, 2006 covering Operations of CPU

Notes January 25, 2006 covering Microprogramming

Notes January 30, 2006 covering Microcode on Gemini

Notes Feb. 1, 2006

Notes Feb. 8, 2006

Notes Feb. 12, 2006

Notes Feb. 15, 2006

Notes Feb. 20, 2006

Announcements and Class-notes (Spring 2006):

Assignment 1 has been posted

Assignment 2 has been posted

Lab times have been posted

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