CS177/CS477: C++ Programming

Fall  2005

Instructor: Dr. Clinton Jeffery                                                                    
Office: SH125                                                                          
Email: jeffery@cs.nmsu.edu                                                    
Web page: http://www.cs.nmsu.edu/~jeffery/courses/177                         
Phone: 646-3480                                                                    
Office hours:  Monday and Friday 3:30-4:30pm and by appointment

Class time and location: Lectures are from 2:30 to 3:20 MF in Science Hall room 115. Labs will meet on Wednesdays in Science Hall room 118 unless notified otherwise.

Text book: No book is at the bookstore. Go to your favorite on-line book seller and buy the following books (average less than $5 used on amazon.com; order today, or ask the instructor to order it for you). Any edition is OK.

Also recommended:

Course description: C++ programming is a 3-credit course that teaches introductory level object oriented programming using C++ language. Topics covered in this course include data types, expressions, input and output, control structures, functions, pointers, classes, inheritance, polymorphism, templates and limited topics of  standard template library.

Grading: The course work is composed of homework assignments, lab exercises, exams, in-class quizzes and final project. The final project will be a group project for undergraduate students and an individual project for graduate students.  There will be two exams, mid-term and final. The weight of each component is as the following:
homework 20%
exams 30% (mid-term and final, 15% each)
quizzes 15%
lab exercises 15%
project 20%

Course policies: I expect you to be in class. All the assignments and final project are to be submitted by the due time unless prearranged with the instructor. There will be a penalty for the late submission of 10% of the individual programming work per day. Unless indicated by the instructor otherwise, all the homework assignments are supposed to be done without collaboration.
Only graduate students are allowed to register this course as CS477. Undergraduates should register as CS177.
If you decide to withdraw from the class, you are responsible to finish all the steps to officially drop a course. Do not assume that you will be dropped automatically.
The university has strict regulation about "I" grade. It is given only when a student can not finish the course work from circumstances beyond the student's control which are developed after the last day of withdraw from a course. Examples of such circumstances are documented illness, documented death or crisis of an immediate family member and similar cases. Please consult the university policy book for more detailed guidelines. Guidelines of academic conduct stated in the university catalogs should apply to this course.

Disability services: Students with disability may wish to self-identify by providing documentation to
the Office for Services for Students with Disabilities(SSD). Their office is located in Garcia Annex, room 102. The phone number is  646-6840. Appropriate accommodations may then be provided for you.

If you have a condition which may affect your ability to exit safely from the premises in an emergency or which may cause an emergency during class, you are encouraged to discuss this in confidence with the instructor and/or
the coordinator of SSD.  If you have general questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), call Elva Telles, the ADA coordinator at 646-3635.