General Information

When:   Tue/Thu, 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm
Where: 5129 Sennott Square Building (map)
Instructor: Prof. Alexandros Labrinidis (contact)
TA: Panickos Neophytou (contact)

Purpose: This course is a continuation of the CS1555 (Database Management Systems) course. As such, it has the following main objectives. First, to study in more detail some of the topics that were not covered in detail in CS1555. Second, to study advanced topics that were not explored in CS1555, especially as they relate to security. Third, to expose students to advanced database applications and also to related data/information management technologies, while gaining hands-on experience.
Prereq: A grade of C or better in CS 1555 is required (or permission of the instructor). Working knowledge of Perl and PHP and familiarity with Unix are assumed. We will have a few review lectures on Perl and on PHP, and use the recitations to help students without much expertise in Perl/PHP.
Enrollment: 18 students currently registered
Textbook: There is no single textbook with enough coverage of all the material that we want to discuss in this class. Instead, we will rely on the Online Safari Bookshelf; depending on accessibility issues, we will probably use a custom Online Syllabus with O'Reilly's SafariU service. This will give students online access to 10 complete books, some of which will also serve as reference books. The cost will be $9.99 per person for each month of access, i.e., less than half the typical cost of a class textbook.
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Mar 14: Posted slides on secure coding.
Feb 28: Posted all data mining notes.
Feb 28: No recitation today: TA will have extra office hours.
Feb 14: Posted data warehousing notes and recitation examples.
Feb 10: Posted XQuery notes and recitation examples.
Feb 9: No recitation today; instead, the TA will have additional office hours tomorrow (Friday, Feb 10), 2-4pm.
Feb 8: First assignment is released.
Feb 7: Today's class and recitation are cancelled.
Feb 3: Posted XPath notes.
Jan 31: Posted examples from recitations.
Jan 31: Posted all class notes until today's class.
Jan 25: web site is up

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