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CMSC 35100 - Natural Language Processing
Winter 2006

Date Topics Jurafsky &
Due in Class
January 3 Intro to NLP Chapter 1     ppt pdf
January 5 CFGs and Parsing Chapter 9,10     ppt
January 10 CFGs and Parsing; FSTs Chapter 10 FASTUS;Optional: Gory details of Finite State Parsing;   ppt
January 12 Features and Unification Chapter 11       ppt
January 17 Probabilistic and Lexicalized CFGs Chapter 12       ppt
January 19 Probabilistic and Lexicalized CFGs Chapter 12       ppt pdf
January 24 Parsing and Speech
  Gregory, Johnson, and Charniak
Johnson and Charniak>
Bangalore and Joshi
    ppt pdf
January 26 Active Learning and Co-training for Parsing   Steedman et al., p.1-32   Assignment 1 ppt pdf
January 31 Supertagging   Bangalore and Joshi
    ppt pdf
February 2 Parsing across Languages   Resnik, Dorr, and Hwa>br>Wu     ppt pdf
February 7 Parsing and Linguistic Theory
Performance and Child language
  Lavie et al     ppt pdf
February 9 Semantics Chapter 15     ppt pdf
February 14 Semantics II
Lexical Semantics
Chapter 15, 16     ppt pdf
February 16 WordNet;
Word Sense Disambiguation
Chapter 16, 17.1, 17.2   WSD papers
Mail me your selection
ppt pdf
February 21 Information Retrieval Chapter 17.3, 17.4     15
February 23 WSD: Yarowsky; Dagan, Itai, Schwall        
February 28 WSD: Resnik, Widdows        
March 2 WSD: Lin, Diab       18
March 7 Dialogue Systems Chapter 19     19