CMSC 437
Graphical User Interface Programming

TUE,THU 5:30-6:45 PM ACIV 015
Spring 1997

NOTE: If/When this syllabus changes during the semester, I will announce the changes in class. If you miss any sessions, be sure to pull up this page to see what you missed! This page was last updated on 13 February 1997.

Recent Changes:

1 April
The lecture on April 3rd will be a discussion of Menus in both Java AWT and Motif. Lists in Motif will possibly by covered if time permits.
13 February
Rearranged lectures 5 through 8, so that material on managers is earlier than previously planned.


Lectures will correspond to the indicated textbook sections ("M" for The X Window System Programming and Applications with Xt, OSF Motif Edition, "G" for Graphic Java) plus additional topics not in the texts. Lecture notes will be made available on a class-by-class basis.

1 Th1/30Introduction, History of GUIs and GUIP
2 T 2/4Interactive Applications, Intro to X (Project 1 Assigned)M1Introduction
3 Th2/6X Client/Server model, Intro to XtM2Programming w/ Xt
4 T 2/11X Windows, Intro to MotifM4.1-4.4Labels and Buttons
5 Th2/13Xt Resources, ManagersM3, M5.1-5.4Using the Resource Manager; Manager Widgets
6 T 2/18More Managers, Widget Hierarchies, and Composite WidgetsM5.5-5.11Managers
7 Th2/20Color, Graphics ContextsM9.1, M10X Color; Graphics Contexts
8 T 2/25Drawables, Low-level Drawing (Project 1 Due)M11.1-11.3,11.5, M13Bitmaps, Pixmaps, Images; Using Xlib Graphics
9 Th2/27Object-Oriented Concepts and Java (RT)
10 T 3/4Event Handling (IS)M8Events
11 Th3/6Object-Oriented Design, more Java (RT)
12 T 3/11Intro to Java AWT, OO GUIP (IS)G1, G2Intro AWT, Java Applications
13 Th3/13OO Frameworks and Class Diagrams (RT)
14 T 3/18AWT Component and Graphics Classes, Review (IS) (Project 2 Due)G3AWT Graphics
15 Th3/20Midterm
T 3/25Spring Break
Th3/27Spring Break
16 T 4/1AWT Layout Managers, Events (IS)G4, G7Events, Layout Managers
17 Th4/3AWT and Motif Menus (IS)G5, M6Menus
18 T 4/8Graphical Hierarchies (RT)
19 Th4/10Drawing and Rendering Issues (RT)
20 T 4/15Intro to Interface Design (IS)
21 Th4/17OO Design Patterns (RT) (Project 3 Due)
22 T 4/22Design Patterns for GUIs (RT)
23 Th4/24Form-Fillin, Menu design, Motif dialogs (IS)M7Dialogs
24 T 4/29GUI Design Case Study: ET++ (RT)
25 Th5/1Direct Manipulation (IS)
26 T 5/6Interface Evaluation (IS)
27 Th5/8Virtual Reality, 3D Interaction, Review (RT)
28 Th5/15Final Exam, 6-8pm (Project 4 Due)


1Simple Widget Concentration GameT 2/4T 2/25
2Paint ProgramT 2/25T 3/18
3Draw ProgramT 3/18Th 4/17
4Extended Draw ProgramTh 4/17Th 5/15