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CSC 417 - Theory of Programming Languages

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CSC 417 - Theory of Programming Languages
3 credit hours (3-0)
Prerequisites: CSC 311
Theory of programming languages with emphasis on programming language semantics and implementation issues. Formal models of syntax and semantics. Static versus dynamic scoping. Parameter passing mechanisms. Garbage collection. Programming in alternate paradigms such as applicative, functional, logic, and object-oriented programming languages.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Rance Cleaveland III, Adjunct Assistant Professor

-- "Essentials of Programming Languages", Friedman, Wand and Haynes.

 1. Syntax and semantics of programming languages (9 classes)
 2. LISP and applicative languages (9 classes)
 3. Scheme and functional programming (9 classes)
 4. Logic Programming (9 classes)
 5. Object-oriented programming (6 classes)

Last Update: Aug 01, 1996

Department of Computer Science, Box 8206
College of Engineering,
North Carolina State University,
Raleigh, NC 27695

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