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CSC 210 - Programming Concepts

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CSC 210 - Programming Concepts
3 credit hours (3-0)
Prerequisites: C or higher in CSC 114
Software design in a high-level language: abstract data types, modular programming, management of large programs. Dynamic memory management: linked lists, pointers, allocation and de-allocation. Alternate programming paradigms: recursive list processing, object-oriented programming.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Matthias Stallmann, Associate Professor

-- "Object", oriented Design in C++ - Jo Ellen Perry and Harold D. Levin,
   Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1996, $40.85

 1. Review of basic programming concepts. (3 classes)
 2. Formal specification of abstract data types. (3 classes)
 3. Modular programming in C++. (3 classes)
 4. Tools to support modular programming. (3 classes)
 5. Dynamic memory management. (9 classes)
 6. Advanced features of C++. (6 classes)
 7. Management of large programs. (6 classes)
 8. An alternate programming paradigm. (9 classes)

Last Update: Aug 01, 1996

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