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CSC 431 - File Organization and Processing

Catalog Data:
CSC 431 - File Organization and Processing
3 credit hours (3-0)
Prerequisites: CSC 311
Hardware characteristics of storage devices. Basic file organizations including sequential, direct, and indexed sequential. Hashing and collision resolution; perfect hashing; signatures; bloom filters; sorting and other bit level structures. Tree structures including binary search trees, B-trees, and tries. Dynamic hashing techniques. Structures including grid files. Applying file structures to practical problems.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Alan L. Tharp, Professor

-- "File Organization and Processing", Alan L. Tharp, Wiley Pub. Co., 1988.

 1. Introduction (1 class)
 2. Sequential File Organization (1 class)
 3. Direct File Organization (9 classes)
 4. Indexed Sequential File Organization (1 class)
 5. Bits of Information (3 classes)
 6. Secondary Key Retrieval (3 classes)
 7. Bits and Hashing (3 classes)
 8. Binary Tree Structures (3 classes)
 9. B-Trees and Derivatives (3 classes)
10. Hashing Techniques for Expandable Files (3 classes)
11. Other Tree Structures (3 classes)
12. Secondary Key Retrieval Revisited (1 class)
13. File Sorting (3 classes)
14. Applying File Structures (3 classes)
15. Exams (2 classes)

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