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CSC 311 - Data Structures

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CSC 311 - Data Structures
3 credit hours (3-0)
Prerequisites: C or higher in CSC 210, CSC 222
A survey of fundamental abstract data types along with efficient implementations for each. Emphasizes running time as a measure of program performance. Lists, stacks, queues, sparse arrays, binary trees, heaps, balanced search trees, and hash tables. Illustrative applications such as graph, text-processing, or geometric algorithms.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Rex A. Dwyer, Associate Professor

-- "Datastructures & Their Algorithms", Lews/Denenberg

 1. Arrays (3 classes)
 2. Stacks and Queues (3 classes)
 3. Linked Lists (11 classes)
 4. Trees, Binary Trees, and Binary Search Trees (11 classes)
 5. Generalized Lists (3 classes)
 6. Hash Tables (3 classes)
 7. Advanced Topics such as Graph Theory, Strings, or Computational Geometry.
    (4 classes)

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