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CSC 302 - Introduction to Numerical Methods

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CSC 302 - Introduction to Numerical Methods
3 credit hours (3-0)
Prerequisites: CSC 110, CSC 112 or CSC 114, and MA 305
Numerical computations with digital computers; floating point arithmetic and implications of round-off error. Algorithms and computer techniques for the numerical solution of problems in: function evaluation; zeros of functions; interpolation; numerical differentiation and integration; linear systems of equations; curve fitting; solutions of nonlinear equations; numerical solutions of ordinary differential equations.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. William J. Stewart, Professor

-- "Numerical Mathematics & Computing", W. Cheney and D. Kinkaid, Brooks/Cole
   Pub. Co., 3rd edition, 1994, $65.35.

 1. Introduction and Review of Taylor Series (2 classes)
 2. Floating Point Numbers and Error Analysis (4 classes)
 3. Locating Roots of Equations (4 classes)
 4. Systems of Linear Equations and Direct Solution Methods (5 classes)
 5. Iterative Methods for Linear Systems (3 classes)
 6. Eigenvalues/eigenvectors (3 classes)
 7. Interpolation and Numerical Differentiation (4 classes)
 8. Cubic Splines (4 classes)
 9. Numerical Integration (4 classes)
10. Numerical Solution of ODE's (5 classes)

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