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CSC 467 - Multimedia Technology

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CSC 467 - Multimedia Technology
3 credit hours (3-0)
Offered in Spring
Prerequisites: CSC 202
Corequisites: CSC 312
Methods of creating, recording, compressing, parsing, editing, and playing back on a computer the following media: sound, music, voice, graphics, images, video, and motion. Introduction to basic principles: signal processing, information theory, real-time scheduling. Also includes discussion of standards, programming tools and languages, storage and I/O devices, networking support, legal issues, user interfaces, and applications. Includes significant hands-on experience.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Douglas S. Reeves, Associate Professor

The required text is "Multimedia: Computing, Communications, and
Applications" by R. Steinmetz and K. Nahrstedt (Prentice-Hall Inc.
1995, ISBN 0-13-324435-0, $62).

Students who wish to buy their own book on the programming language
Visual Basic may do so; cost is estimated to be $40.

There is also an optional collection of papers, collected by
the instructor. Estimated cost is $25.

Introduction (2 lectures)
Signal Processing and Compression (2 lectures)
Real-Time Scheduling and Quality of Service (3 lectures)
Operating Systems Services and CD-ROMs (3 lectures)
Authoring Tools and APIs (3 lectures)
Sound and Digital Audio (3 lectures)
Music and MIDI (3 lectures)
Image Processing and Morphing (3 lectures)
3-D Graphics and Animation (3 lectures)
Digital Video (3 lectures)
Speech Synthesis and Recognition (3 lectures)
Networks for Multimedia (2 lectures)
Legal Issues and Databases (3 lectures)
User Interfaces (3 lectures)
Selected Applications (3 lectures)

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Department of Computer Science, Box 8206
College of Engineering,
North Carolina State University,
Raleigh, NC 27695

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