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CSC 114 - Introduction to Computing - C++

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CSC 114 - Introduction to Computing - C++
3 credit hours (2-3)
Prerequisites: E 115
Corequisites: MA 141
An introductory course in computing in C++. Emphasis is on algorithm development and problem solving in C++. Particular elements include: careful and methodical development of C++ programs from specifications; documentation and style; appropriate use of control structures, data types and subprograms; abstraction and verification; numeric and non-numeric applications.

Course Coordinator:
Ms. Joyce Hatch, Lecturer

-- "Intro. to Program Design and Implementation in the Object", Oriented Style
   Using C++ - Dr. Jo Perry and Dr. Hal Levin, abridged version.
-- "CSC 114 Laboratory Manual",

 1. High-level languages, compilers, memory organization, data objects. (1
 2. Expressions, statements, blocks, and sample programs. (3 classes)
 3. Numeric and char data types: stream input, formatted stream output, and
    operators. (2 classes)
 4. Functions: prototypes, definition, general program structure, call by
    reference and call by value parameters, local variables, scope. (4 classes)
 5. Procedural program development, documentation, C++ programming style. (1
 6. Conditionals--if, if/else, multiple if/else, switch. (2 classes)
 7. Loops--while, do/while, for. (2 classes)
 8. Text file processing with stream I/O. (1 class)
 9. Strings--representation of an aggregate, string library functions. (2
10. Arrays, multidimensional arrays, arrays as lists, list
    operations--traversals inserting, deleting, sorting, searching. (5 classes)
11. Classes and data abstraction, function overloading. (2 classes)
12. Recursion. (1 class)

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