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CSC 379 - Ethical Implications of Computing

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CSC 379 - Ethical Implications of Computing
1 credit hour (1-0)
Prerequisites: Junior Standing
Discussion of the concern for the way in which computers pose new ethical questions or pose new versions of standard moral problems and dilemmas. Study of ethical concepts to guide the computer professional. Computer professional codes of ethics. Use of case studies to relate to ethical theory. Ethical and legal use of software. Conflicts of interest.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Robert E. Funderlic, Professor

-- "Computer Ethics", Deborah Johnson, Prentice-Hall Pub. Co., 1985.

 1. Goal of Course (3 classes)
 2. Ethical Theory, Professional Relationships (3 classes)
 3. Privacy and Computers (3 classes)
 4. Ethical, Legal Use of Software, Ownership, Copyrights, Patents (2 1/2
 5. Conflicts of Interests (1 class)

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