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CSC 312 - Computer Organization and Logic

Catalog Data:
CSC 312 - Computer Organization and Logic
4 credit hours (3-3)
Prerequisites: CSC 201, CSC 222
Combinational logic circuits and their relation to boolean algebra. Functional properties of combinational and sequential components and their realizations in integrated circuit forms. Organization of digital computer components; processors, control units, memories, switches, and peripherals. Architecture of computer systems. Computer arithmetic. Micro-programmed control. Interrupt mechanisms. Laboratory exercises involve logical, functional, and electrical properties of components from gates to microprocessors.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Donald C. Martin, Professor Emeritus

-- "Computer Systems Architecture", Mano.
-- "CSC 312 Laboratory Manual", local copy shops, version for current year.

 1. Computer Systems Organization (4 classes)
 2. Digital Logic (6 classes)
 3. Microprogramming (6 classes)
 4. Conventional Machines (8 classes)
 5. Operating Systems (8 classes)
 6. Assembly Language (8 classes)
 7. Advanced Computer Architecture (6 classes)

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