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CSC 202 - Concepts and Facilities of Operating Systems

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CSC 202 - Concepts and Facilities of Operating Systems
2 credit hours (2-0)
Prerequisites: CSC 201
The history/evolution of operating systems, concepts of process management, memory addressing and allocation, files and protection, deadlocks and distributed systems.

Course Coordinator:
Dr. Robert Fornaro, Professor

-- "Operating System Concepts", Silberschatz, Peterson, and Galvin,
   Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 4th edition, $54.35.

 1. History/Evolution of Operating Systems (3 classes)
 2. Process Management and Scheduling Concepts (6 classes)
 3. Memory Management and Virtual Memory (4 classes)
 4. File Systems (6 classes)
 5. Deadlock and Deadlock Avoidance (3 classes)
 6. Distributed Computing (4 classes)

Last Update: Aug 01, 1996

Department of Computer Science, Box 8206
College of Engineering,
North Carolina State University,
Raleigh, NC 27695

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