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Object Data Management

Spring 2001
M/W, 4:00-5:20 p.m., AB401

Prof. David Maier

Teaching Assistant
Shawn Bowers

Syllabus [Spring 99 Webpage]

Office Hours
Any time, except immediately before class. If you are coming from off campus, call or e-mail first. I am also fairly responsive to questions by e-mail. Make sure the subject line begins "CSE542".

Course Description
Object support appears in many forms in database systems, both pure object-oriented and object-relational. In CSE542, you'll master object features in databases, understand the technology behind them, experience using a commercial object database, and gain the ability to make informed choices among competing approaches.

Required Textbook
Succeeding with Object Databases: A Practical Look at Today's Implementations with Java and XML
by Akmal B. Chaudhri and Roberto Zicari, John Wiley & Sons, 2000, ISBN: 0471383848. (webpage)

Grading Policy
The final grade will be based equally on a short survey paper each student will write, and a project, done in groups of 2 or 3 students. I will also factor in class participation.

Weekly Schedule
There is reading assigned for each class session. You are expected to read the chapter or paper before the class session. For each paper, certain students will be assigned discussion questions to prepare to discuss. Auditors are required to do all assigned reading and will be given discussion questions.
Dates for assignments are approximate. Exact due dates will be given in class.

NOTE: The complete reading list for discussion papers can be found here.

Date Readings Topic Assignments
Apr. 2   Intro, Course Organization, etc.
Lecture 1 (pdf)
Apr. 4   Basic Object-Oriented Concepts
Lecture 2 (pdf)
Assignment Sheet 1 (pdf)
Apr. 9 Ch. 1, Chaudhri & Zicari
Ch. 17, Chaudhri & Zicari
Example: GemStone/S
Lecture 3 (pdf)
Apr. 11 Ch. 5, Chaudhri & Zicari
Ch. 18, Chaudhri & Zicari
Example: ObjectStore
Lecture 4 (pdf)
Assignment Sheet 2 (pdf)
Apr. 16 Thomas Paper (html) (pdf)
(Optional) Brown Paper (html)
Example: Enterprise Java Beans
Lecture 5 (pdf)
Assignment Sheet 3 (pdf)
Apr. 18 Ch. 15, Chaudhri & Zicari
Discussion Paper 1
Advanced Concepts: Types
Lecture 6 (pdf)
Assignment Sheet 4 (pdf)
Apr. 23 Ch. 13, Chaudhri & Zicari
Discussion Paper 2
Advanced Concepts: Data Models
Lecture 7 (pdf)
Due: List of Papers
Apr. 25 Discussion Paper 3 Advanced Concepts: Languages
Lecture 8 (pdf)
Due: Project Conceptual Schema
Assignment Sheet 5 (pdf)
Apr. 30 Ch. 6, Chaudhri & Zicari
Discussion Paper 4
XML and related standards
Lecture 9 (pdf)
GSJ Setup Guide (pdf)
May 2 Discussion Paper 5 XML Query
Lecture 10 (pdf)
Assignment Sheet 6 (pdf)
May 7 Ch. 10, Chaudhri & Zicari,
Discussion Paper 6
Object Relational Systems
Lecture 11 (pdf)
Due: Initial Bean Creation
May 9 Ch. 2, Chaudhri & Zicari,
Discussion Paper 7
Persistent Programming Languages
Lecture 12 (pdf)
Due: Short Summaries
Assignment Sheet 7 (pdf)
May 14 Ch. 14, Chaudhri & Zicari,
Discussion Paper 8
Formal Models
Lecture 13 (pdf)
Due: Project Class Descriptions,
Population Evidence & Proposed Extension
May 16 Discussion Paper 9 Persistence Layers, LDAP
Lecture 14 (pdf)
Assignment Sheet 8 (pdf)
May 21 Ch. 9, Chaudrhi & Zicari,
Discussion Paper 10
Software and Network Architecture  
May 23 Discussion Paper 11 Object Query Processing Due: Data Population Done,
Extension Plan
May 28   Memorial Day (no class)  
May 30 Discussion Paper 12 Implementation Assignment Sheet 9 (pdf)
June 4 Discussion Paper 13 Implementation
Lecture 15 (pdf)
Due: Full Paper
Assignment Sheet 10 (pdf)
June 6 Ch. 8, Chaudhri & Zicari,
Discussion Paper 14
June 11   Net Data Management
Lecture 16 (pdf)
Project Demos This Week

Each student must write a short (about 3-page) paper reporting on three papers on some sub-topic of object-oriented databases. (Examples: schema modification, OO query language, security in OODBs, standards for object-oriented databases, use of OODBs for GIS systems, indexing in OODBs, version models, clustering, distributed objects.) You are responsible for selecting the three papers, which may not include papers assigned for class. I can give help in getting a copy of a paper if you have a reference to it. There will be three submissions connected with the paper. The first is just a list of the three papers you propose to report on, for my approval. The second is a paragraph on each paper, giving the main ideas. The third is the final submission itself, which should attempt to relate and synthesize ideas from the three papers (and other papers from the course if they are relevant). Your paper will be graded on content and form (including grammar and spelling).

The details of the project will be discussed the third week of the course. The gist of the project is to provide transient and persistent objects to support a remote service, using Enterprise Java Beans. In addition to getting the basic service working, each group will propose and implement some additional functionality. We will provide GemStone/J as the EJB environment, but if you have access to another EJB system, you can use that, as long as it has both session and entity beans. There will be four intermediate submissions due, plus a demo during finals week. We will devote some class time to discussing approaches to the project.

The list of project groups can be found here.

The list of Car choices can be found here.

GemStone Documentation can be found here. (NOTE: the documentation is password protected.)

The GSJ Setup guide can be found here. The FAQ is at the end of the document.

A good article on OODB management systems (here).

Demo Times:

Group Day Time Slot
Group 2 Mon. 11 June 6:00 - 6:30
Group 10 Tues. 12 June 11:30 - 12:00
Group 7 Tues. 12 June 4:00 - 4:30
Group 6 Tues. 12 June 4:30 - 5:00
Group 4 Thurs. 14 June 1:00 - 1:30
Group 5 Thurs. 14 June 1:30 - 2:00
Group 11 Thurs. 14 June 2:00 - 2:30
Group 8 Thurs. 14 June 2:30 - 3:00
Group 1 Thurs. 14 June 4:00 - 4:30
Group 12 Thurs. 14 June 4:30 - 5:00
Group 3 Thurs. 14 June 5:00 - 5:30
Group 9 Thurs. 14 June 5:30 - 6:00

Paper Survey Resources
Paper Survey (some places to find papers):
  • On Reserve in the Library
  • The Digital Bibliography & Library Project (DBLP)
  • Computer Science Bibliography (at U. Karlsuhe)
  • The UMass Database Literature Index
  • The SIGMOD Index of Database Publications

  • General inquiries:
    503.748.1553 FAX

    Department of Computer
    Science and Engineering
    Oregon Graduate Institute
    20000 NW Walker Road
    Beaverton, OR 97006-8921

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