CSE 542: Object-Oriented Databases, Spring 1999

This page is meant solely for use by students in CSE 542, Object-Oriented Databases, being offered by the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Oregon Graduate Institute, Spring term, 1999.

Attention: Change in Order of Reading papers for 19 and 24 May

Syllabus and Assignments

Reading List

Below is the beginning of the list of assigned papers, and the day for which they are assigned. In some cases they take you directly to the document; in others they take you to a page from which you can download the paper. Read the description with each link to figure out which is which.

We have also included an appropriate home page for each reference, in case you want to know more about the system or research described in the paper.

26 April: Example System 1

POET at a glance

NOTE: You want just Chapter 2 (pages 35-62) of this document. Be Careful in Printing It!The full document is 603 pages. This document is an overview of the POET OODB, describing how they provide persistence, object creation, queries, etc. for C++.

POET Home Page

28 April: Example System 2

Jasmine: The perfect platform to build Java applications, M. Ketabchi, Santa Clara University.

This document discusses the Jasmine OODB, which was developed by Fujitsu and now supported by Computer Associates.

Jasmine Home Page

3 May: Object-Relational Overview

Creating An Extensible, Object-Relational Data Management Environment

Judith R. Davis, DataBase Associates International, November, 1996.

. This paper gives an overview of issues on object-relational databases, plus describing the DB2 Universal Database approach.

For related information about DB2, see the DB2 Universal Database home page.

5 May: Object-Relational Examples (two papers)

Universal Data Option for Informix Dynamic Server

A short Informix whitepaper on their support for user-defined datatypes and database routines.

This paper is from the Informix web site.

All your data: The Oracle extensiblity architecture, February 1999.

Talks about the various mechanisms for adding new types to Oracle8i, including Data Cartridges.

This paper is from the Oracle web site.

10 May: Formal Models

IQL(2): A Model With Ubiquitous Objects

S. Abiteboul and C. Souza dos Santos, VERSO Report 073, INRIA, 1995.

. This paper attempts to show how different extensions to object databases can be captured in a unifed model.

This paper comes from the VERSO database research group at INRIA.

12 May: OODB Architectures

Fine-Grained Sharing in a Page Server OODBMS

M. J. Carey, M. J. Franklin and M. Zaharioudakis, SIGMOD 1994.

. Discusses page-server and object-server architectures for OODBs, and presents an adaptive hybrid approach.

More papers on this subject are available from Mike Franklin at the University of Maryland.

17 May: Object Storage

A Storage Server for the Efficient Support of Complex Objects

S. Nittel and K. R. Dittrich, 7th Intl. Workshop on Persistent Object Systems, May 1996.

. Discusses the KIOSK system for storing complex objects.

The KIOSK system was implemented at the Database Technology Research Group at the University of Zurich.

19 May: Object Query Processing

A Processing Framework for Object Comprehensions

D.K.C. Chan and P.W. Trinder, Information Science and Software Technology 39(9), 1997.

This paper describes a processing framework for object comprehensions, which are one basis for object-oriented query languages. Concentrate on Sections 1-4 and Section 7.

This paper comes from the VERSO database research group at INRIA, though the work reported was done at University of Glasgow.

24 May: Object Management

Working with Persistent Objects: To Swizzle or Not to Swizzle

J. E. B. Moss, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 18(8), August 1992.

Analyzes the costs of various aspects of "pointer swizzling", with measurements on the Mneme persistent object store. If you need to save a little time, you can skim some of the detailed measurement parts in Sections 5 and 6.

The Mneme system is from the Object Systems Laboratory at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

26 May: Application Architectures

Enterprise JavaBeans(TM) Technology: Server Component Model for the Java(TM) Platform

A. Thomas, Patricia Seybold Group whitepaper, December 1998.

An introduction to the Enterprise JavaBeans specification.

I actually like the Developer's Guide better, but it's distributed in a non-printable form. (It may be possible to get a printable version by going to Nova Labs and filling out the questionaire they require in order to get a copy directly, but I didn't fill out the form to find out.

Enterprise JavaBeans is from java.sun.com.

7 June: Standards (ODMG, two papers)

ODMG-93, The Object Database Standard

D. Wade, Objectivity, Inc.

A short paper that talks about the different parts of the original ODMG-93 standard, with a few examples.

ODMG 2.0: An Overview

R. Cattell and D. Barry, Doctor Dobb's Sourcebook, September/October 1997.

A brief update on changes to the ODMG-93 standard in the current release.

The ODMG-93 standard is from the Object Data Management Group.

9 June: Standards (SQL3)

SQL:1999, formerly known as SQL3

A. Eisenberg and J. Melton, SIGMOD Record, 18(8), March, 1999.

A description of the anticipated features for the next SQL standard. From the page given, scroll down the the section on "Standards." I was only successful in downloading the Postscript version.

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