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For faculty-lead research groups, we can provide space for a website that will let you make information available about your group, your researchers, the research, or any other type of information you may want to provide. The URL will be one such as


For faculty research projects, we can also provide separate web space. These may be for projects that don't fall into only one research group, or for items that are known by a specific name outside of Harvard. The URL will be or


Although we have hosted class web sites in the past and still continue to do so, we highly recommend the Instructional Computing Group (ICG) site - They are able to provide many tools and services that we do not provide, such as discussion groups, enrollment lists, and consultation on effective web content. If you just want to put up informational pages, class notes, and a syllabus, a deas site will be just fine. The URL will be


Anyone with a Unix account (and most faculty, students and staff are eligible to get one) can put up a personal website. In a directory named "public_html" (without the quotes) in your home directory, put any files you want to share with the outside world. The files will be accessed via the URL More detailed instructions are available.

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