ES 272 --- RF and High-Speed Integrated Circuits

Electrical Engineering
Division of Engineering and Applied Science (DEAS)
Harvard University
Fall 2005 - 2006

Tuesday & Thursday
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Maxwell-Dworkin 123

Instructor. Donhee Ham, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, DEAS, 131 Maxwell-Dworkin, 6-9451,
(office hours) 11:30am - 12:30am on Tuesday and Thursday
(office) MD 131

Teaching Fellow
. Xiaofeng Li, PhD candidate, Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, DEAS, 6-0142 (Room MD 317)
(office hours) Tuesday 6 - 7pm
(office) MD B123

Course syllabus. Click here (pdf)

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Assignments & Solutions

Computer Aided Design Tools

Agilent's Advanced Design Systems --- Tool for microwave design --- click here.
Cadence --- Tool for IC design

Peusodo Ramdom Bit Sequence Generation

Radio Spectrum

Radio Spectrum Chart from National Telecommunications and Information Administration