MA226 - Differential Equations

July 5 - August 10, 2000

Instructor: Tony Harkin
Office: MCS 178
Office Hours: MTW 1-2pm
Office Phone: 353-0921
Home Phone: 489-0380

Class Meeting: Mon.-Thurs. from 11am-1pm in Room MCS 149

Web page:

Textbook: Paul Blanchard, Robert L. Devaney and Glen R. Hall, Differential Equations, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company (1998).

Course Description: This course focuses on solving ordinary differential equations by analytical, geometric and numerical techniques. By combining these three approaches we can understand the solutions of differential equations and the phenomena which they model. Topics: first order equations, separation of variables, slope fields, Euler's method, first order systems, theory of linear systems, phase plane techniques, forcing and resonance, nonlinear systems, laplace transforms


Problem Sets: A problem set will be assigned each day that will be collected the following day. There will also be additional suggested problems that will help you learn the material but that won't be collected.