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Syllabus for CS 294-7, Spring 1999

Post-Modern Database Systems:

Databases Meet the Web

Week 1: Getting Organized

Readings: None.

Tuesday, 1/19: No class (which will be the norm for Tuesdays).

Thursday, 1/21: Introductory comments and in-class discussion (Carey/Hellerstein).

Systems seminar, 1/21: Soumen Chakrabarti (IBM Almaden).

Week 2: Adding Objects to Database Systems


Tuesday, 1/26: Remedial class on SQL database systems (Hellerstein).

CS colloquium, 1/27: Mike Carey (IBM Almaden and UC Berkeley).

Thursday, 1/28: Object-oriented and object-relational database systems (Carey).

Systems Seminar, 1/28: Mike Stonebraker (UC Berkeley, Informix, and Cohera).

Week 3: The Web for Database Dummies


Thursday, 2/4: A whirlwind tour of the WWW and its protocols (Gribble).

Systems Seminar, 2/4: Eric Brewer (UC Berkeley and Inktomi).

Week 4: Database-Based Web Sites


Thursday, 2/11: Creating and managing database-centric web sites (Students).

Systems Seminar, 2/11: Alon Levy (University of Washington) .

Week 5: Web Searching and Indexing


Thursday, 2/18: Web searching and indexing technology (Students).

Systems Seminar, 2/18: Ashish Gupta (Junglee and Amazon).

Week 6: Heterogeneous Information Systems


Thursday, 2/25: Heterogeneous information system architectures (Students).

Systems Seminar, 2/25: Yannis Papakonstantinou (UC San Diego).

Week 7: Querying Semi-Structured Data


Thursday, 3/4: Query languages and systems for semi-structured data (Students).

Systems Seminar, 3/4: Jennifer Widom (Stanford University):.

Week 8: XML Promises and Reality


Thursday, 3/11: Introduction to XML (Students).

Systems Seminar, 3/11: Adam Bosworth (Microsoft).

Week 9: Heterogeneous Distributed Query Processing


Thursday, 3/18: Large-scale distributed query processing (Students).

Systems Seminar, 3/18: Laura Haas (IBM Almaden).

Week 10: Data Dissemination Approaches


Thursday, 4/1: Architectures for data dissemination (Students).

Systems Seminar, 4/1: Mike Franklin (University of Maryland).

Week 11: Project Work Week I

Readings: None

Thursday, 4/8: Cancelled (students to work on projects!).

Systems Seminar, 4/8: Cancelled (speaker moved to 5/6).

Week 12: Caching Web Data


Thursday, 4/15: Data caching and replication on the web (Students).

Systems Seminar, 4/15: Pei Cao (University of Wisconsin).

Week 13: Database Issues in E-Commerce


Thursday, 4/22: E-commerce architectures and issues (Students).

Systems Seminar, 4/22: Anil Nori (Ventis)

Week 14: Project Work Week II

Readings: None.

Thursday, 4/29: No class.

Systems Seminar, 4/29: Toby Lehman (IBM Almaden). [Talk not affiliated with class, but go anyway!]

Week 15: Course Wrap-Up


Thursday, 5/6: Middleware (Students) and wrap-up discussion (Everyone).

Systems Seminar, 5/6: Anant Jhingran (IBM Hawthorne).