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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Subject
Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms UCSD Department of Computer Science and Engineering Programming Languages
Programming Methods Department of Computer Science - University of California Santa Barbara Programming Fundamentals
progress Department of Computer Science Net-Centric Computing
Project 1 University at Buffalo: Computer Science and Engineering Intelligent Systems
Project Notes Software Engineering
15-Nov-2009 Projections Lan Li ACMCCS98::Computing Methodologies
Prolog W & M Computer Science Programming Fundamentals
7-Sep-2002 promise problem - msc:68Q25; mathematics
12-Mar-2005 proof of Amdahl's Law - msc:68M20; mathematics
19-Nov-2002 proof of Pick's theorem - msc:51A99, msc:05B99, msc:68U05; mathematics
22-Nov-2004 proof of Simpson's rule - msc:65D32, msc:41A55, msc:26A06, msc:28-00; mathematics
24-Dec-2006 proof of uniqueness of Lagrange Interpolation formula - msc:41A05, msc:65D05; mathematics
5-Aug-2005 proof of Vieta's formula - msc:12Y05; mathematics
9-Jan-2006 proof that Sylvester's matrix equals the resultant - msc:13P10; mathematics
Provisional Signal Processing Prelim Syllabus Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences - UC Berkeley Computational Science and Numerical Methods
15-Sep-2002 pseudorandom - msc:68Q30, msc:60A99; mathematics
14-Feb-2005 pseudorandom generator - msc:68Q30; mathematics
PSU CS 560: Intro to HCI Computer Science - Portland State University Human-Computer Interaction
PSU CS106-Computing Fundamentals Computer Science - Portland State University Programming Fundamentals
PSU CS106-Computing Fundamentals II Computer Science - Portland State University Operating Systems
PSU CS106-Computing Fundamentals II Computer Science - Portland State University Programming Languages
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