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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Subject
V22.0004 Syllabus Spring 2003 Social and Professional Issues
V22.0004 Syllabus Spring 2004 Social and Professional Issues
V22.0004 Syllabus Spring, 2005 Social and Professional Issues
V22.0004 Syllabus Spring, 2005 Social and Professional Issues
V22.0004: Computers in Principle & Practice I, Fall -- 2005 Social and Professional Issues
V22.0101 -- Introduction to Computers Science I Programming Fundamentals
V22.0380-001 Spring, 2005: Syllabus Information Management
17-Mar-2005 Vandermonde interpolation approach - msc:41A05, msc:65D05; mathematics
13-Jan-2003 A verasatile tool for student projects: An ASM programming language for the LEGO mindstorm Doom, Travis; Gilder, Jason; Peterson, Michael Hardware sub_subject: General Hardware sub_subject: Control Structures and Microprogramming Hardware sub_subject: Input/Output and Data Communications Hardware sub_subject: Register-Transfer-Level Implementation Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Processor Architectures Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems Software sub_subject: Programming Techniques,ASM Charts, Lego Mindstorms, assembly programming, compiler design, senior project
7-May-2008 Video Game Programming Stokes, Samuel ACMCCS98::Software
12-Jan-2006 Vieta's formula - msc:12Y05; mathematics
Virginia Tech CS4984 Spring 1996 Syllabus Information Management
14-Nov-2006 Virtual Memory Management Shene, Ching-Kuang Operating Systems
17-Nov-2009 Visibility David Brogan ACMCCS98::Computing Methodologies
Visual Thinking/Visual Computing Brown University Department of Computer Science Graphics and Visual Computing
9-Nov-2001 VISUAL: The Flowchart Simulator Crews, Thad Software sub_subject: General Software sub_subject: Programming Techniques Software sub_subject: Software Engineering Software sub_subject: Programming Languages Flowcharts, CS1, novice programmers, logic and design
23-Mar-2001 Visualization of QoS-Based Routing Algorithms via JAVA Sun,Quan Computing Methodologies sub_subject: General,routing, java, visualization
18-Aug-2003 Visualization Tools for Teaching Transformations in Computer Graphics Mattoon, Dan (Siena 03); Ostrom, Elizabeth (Siena 03); Mercurio, Kevin (Siena 04); Flatland, Robin Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education,computer graphics, transformations, visualization tools, laboratories
23-Mar-2001 VisualOS Operating System Visualization Program Manuel Estrada Sainz Software sub_subject: Operating Systems,Operating System, simluator, linux, unix
Vita Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science ... Discrete Structures
VITA WALTER GAUTSCHI Department of Computer Science - Purdue University Graphics and Visual Computing
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