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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Subject
Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Spring 2003 Computer Science at Rutgers Algorithms and Complexity
20-Apr-2002 Design and Implementation of a new course: Creating databases for web applications Meyer, Jeanine; Conry, Michael Software sub_subject: Miscellaneous,Information Systems sub_subject: Database Management,Computer Applications sub_subject: Computer-Aided Engineering,server-side programming, ASP, PHP, ER diagrams, process diagrams, databases, Web applications, middleware
Design by Contract W & M Computer Science Programming Fundamentals
designing security systems Department of Computer Science - Johns Hopkins University Discrete Structures
Detailed Syllabus Graphics and Visual Computing
detailedsyllabus Computer and Information Science - University of Pennsylvania Information Management
22-Dec-2006 deterministic finite automaton - msc:68Q05, msc:68Q42, msc:03D10; mathematics
6-Sep-2002 deterministic Turing machine - msc:68Q10, msc:68Q05; mathematics
28-Feb-2002 Deus Ex Machina Taylor,Gregory R. (; Savoiu, Nick Theory of Computation sub_subject: Computation by Abstract Devices,Theory of Computation sub_subject: Miscellaneous,Computing Methodologies sub_subject: Simulation and Modeling,Computer Applications sub_subject: Miscellaneous,Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education,simulation, finite state automata, linear-bounded automata, Markov algorithms, push-down stack automata, register machines, Turing machines, vector machines
9-Jul-2006 diamond lemma - msc:03C05, msc:68Q42; mathematics
Digital Image Processing - Introduction UNL Computer Science & Engineering Graphics and Visual Computing
19-Mar-2005 digital library structure - msc:68R10; mathematics
3-May-2002 digital search tree - msc:05C05, msc:68P10, msc:68P20; mathematics
Digital Signal Processing Oregon State: School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Information Management
2007 Digital Signatures Hauser,Carl ACMCCS98::Computer Systems Organization::COMPUTER-COMMUNICATION NETWORKS
15-Jul-2009 Digitaleve – women’s organization about technology, creativity, and community - ACMCCS98::Computing Milieux::HISTORY OF COMPUTING
DIMACS Research and Education Institute (DREI): DREI'98 Report Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science ... Graphics and Visual Computing
DIMACS Working Group on Adverse Event/Disease Reporting ... Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science ... Social and Professional Issues
21-Feb-2006 Discrete Mathematics and Structures Microsoft Software
Discrete structures Colorado State University Computer Science Department Discrete Structures
Discrete Structures WPI Computer Science Discrete Structures
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