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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Subject
30-Apr-2002 On-line Open University Initiative Zahariadis ,Theodore; Voliotis,Stamatios Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education,Virtual Classroom, tele-teaching, H.323, MPEG-4, RTP/RTCP, CORBA, QoS, Internet
11-Apr-2007 one-pass algorithm to compute sample variance - msc:62-00, msc:65-00, msc:68W01; mathematics
16-Nov-2006 one-way function - msc:68Q30; mathematics - CSE 490dp Syllabus Operating Systems
OOSE Course Information Department of Computer Science - Johns Hopkins University Social and Professional Issues
12-Jun-2002 Open Learning Objects as an Intelligent Way of Organizing Educational Material Shi, Hongchi; Rodriguez, Othoniel; Chen, Su-Shing Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education,Learning object, e-learning, learning object to learner interaction, learning object adaptation, meta data
19-Apr-2002 Open Source Software: Intellectual Challenges to the Status Quo Gotterbarn, Don; Bowyer, Kevin; Miller, Keith Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Education Computing Milieux sub_subject: Computers and Society Computing Milieux sub_subject: Legal Aspects of Computing,open source, teaching using open source
29-Apr-2001 OpenGL Demo in Java Li Yang as the advisor; Nate Robins as the originator; PFU LIMITED as supporter of jsparrow(r).; Mustafa Sanver; Li Yang Computing Methodologies sub_subject: Computer Graphics,OpenGL Java binding, OpenGL demo, demo applets, transformation, projection, light, light effect, material, material properties, fog, fog effect, texture, texture mapping, gasket
13-Mar-2008 Opening before Keynote John; Suzzane Computing Methodologies
14-Mar-2008 Opening Before Keynote Suzzane; John Computing Methodologies
15-Mar-2008 Opening before Keynote Including Awards Suzzane; John Computing Methodologies
14-Nov-2006 Operating system principles: Abstractions, processes, and resources Shene, Ching-Kuang Operating Systems
7-Nov-2006 Operating system principles: Structuring methods (monolithic, layered, modular, micro-kernel models) Shene, Ching-Kuang Operating Systems
Operating Systems Operating Systems
Operating Systems Department of Computer Science - University of Maryland Baltimore County Operating Systems
Operating Systems Department of Computer Science - UNC-Chapel Hill Operating Systems
Operating Systems University of Texas Department of Computer Sciences Operating Systems
Operating Systems - Syllabus Computer Science - Portland State University Operating Systems
Operating Systems and Unix OS Responsibilities A Picture Unix Computer Science at RPI Operating Systems
Operating Systems Comprehensive Exam Computer Science at Columbia University Operating Systems
Operating Systems CSC 550 Computer Science Department - Cal Poly Architecture and Organization
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