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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Subject
Rice University Programming Languages Team Department of Computer Science - Rice University Programming Languages
16-Mar-2007 Rich Ajax slide shows with DHTML and XML Herrington, Jack Software
RoboCup in Higher Education: A Preliminary Report Intelligent Systems
30-Jan-2002 ROBOT Interpreter Based on the ROBOT computer described in Chapter 5 of The Computer Continuum by Lauckner and Lintner; Shomper, Keith Hardware sub_subject: Arithmetic and Logic Structures Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Processor Architectures Software sub_subject: Programming Techniques Data sub_subject: Data Storage Representations ROBOT computer, hardware simulation
13-May-2002 ROBOT Simulator Carlisle, Martin; Keith Shomper Hardware sub_subject: Miscellaneous,Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Miscellaneous Computing Milieux sub_subject: Miscellaneous hardware simulator, robot
13-May-2002 ROBOT Simulator (part II) Carlisle, Martin; Shomper, Keith Hardware sub_subject: General,simulator, robot
Ron O. Dror Graphics and Visual Computing
Rong Zheng's Home Net-Centric Computing
23-Mar-2001 Rotating Cube Applet Performance Test Warthman, Forrest Computer Systems Organization sub_subject: Performance of Systems ,applet, performance, test, system
2007 Routers Hauser,Carl ACMCCS98::Computer Systems Organization::COMPUTER-COMMUNICATION NETWORKS::Network Protocols::Routing protocols
9-Nov-2001 RTLsim Armstrong, Dean; Pearson, Murray Hardware sub_subject: Control Structures and Microprogramming,RTL simulator, MIPs
9-Mar-2001 Sample - General Literature sub_subject: General,sample
Sample AIMA 15-week Syllabus Computer Science Division - EECS at UC Berkeley Intelligent Systems
Sample Final Exam W & M Computer Science Discrete Structures
Sample Syllabus Department of Computer Science - The University of Iowa Algorithms and Complexity
SAMPLE SYLLABUS FORM Department of Computer Science Net-Centric Computing
SAMPLE SYLLABUS FORM Department of Computer Science Architecture and Organization
SAMPLE SYLLABUS FORM Department of Computer Science Net-Centric Computing
:: Sana Odeh :: NYU :: Course: Java :: Computer Science Department ... Programming Fundamentals
:: Sana Odeh :: NYU :: Course: V22.0004:: Computer Science ... Social and Professional Issues
22-Dec-2006 scenario - msc:68P20; mathematics
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