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Title: RTLsim
Authors: Armstrong, Dean
Pearson, Murray
Keywords: Hardware sub_subject: Control Structures and Microprogramming,RTL simulator, MIPs
Issue Date: 9-Nov-2001
Publisher: University of Waikato
Abstract: RTLsim is a UNIX program that simulates the data-path of a simple non-pipelined MIPs like processor. When running the simulator, the student (user) acts as the control unit for the data path by selecting the control signals that will be active in each control step. The archive contains the binaries for the simulator and an assembler plus an exercise. Installation ============ The following notes explain how to set the simulator up so that you can complete the exercise below. Note: the simulator can only be run on an X86 based Linux system. 1. Copy|move the archive to where you want the code to be installed then unpack it using the command: tar xvzf SimMIPs.tgz 2. This should created a new directory called SimMIPs that contains: A bin directory which contains all of the executables for the SimMIPs simulator and a MIPS assembler a copy of an exercise An exercise directory which contains the files necessary to complete the exercise 3. You can either define an environment variable $SimMIPs that points to this directory (using the bash shell: export SimMIPs=) or replace all instances of $SimMIPs below by the path to the directory. 4. Before you can start the exercise below you will need to make sure all of the executables in the bin directory are in your path. This can be achieved in one of two ways: 1. If your using the bash shell then type the command export PATH=$PATH:$SimMIPs/bin 2. Copy all of the files in the $SimMIPs/bin directory to a directory that is in your path. 3. All going well you should now be able to complete the exercise. If you are still having problems then you should contact
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