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Issue Date: 23-Mar-2007
Publisher: PlanetMath
Abstract: ... FORTRAN (or ... ForTran or ... Fortran ) is a computer programming language developed by IBM in the 1950s with a focus on scientific and engineering applications. FORTRAN is still in use today in the sciences despite the dominance of C++ for most general applications and Mathematica and Maple for algebra applications. Sloane's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences does not include FORTRAN source code but provides links to it. The current version is FORTRAN 2003; an international group of corporations and programmers is working on FORTRAN 2008. % update when applicable: a beta version is now available The following FORTRAN program takes two integers as inputs and outputs their greatest common divisor using Euclid's algorithm. It requires positive integers as inputs. NB is just a variable name that has nothing to do with Zentrums. The function NGCD is defined after the main program. It was written by Wikipedia user Rwwww: ... * euclid.f (FORTRAN 77) * Find greatest common divisor using the Euclidean algorithm * Written by: Wikipedia User:Rwwww PROGRAM EUCLID PRINT *, 'A?' READ *, NA IF (NA.LE.0) THEN PRINT *, 'A must be a positive integer.' STOP END IF PRINT *, 'B?' READ *, NB IF (NB.LE.0) THEN PRINT *, 'B must be a positive integer.' STOP END IF PRINT *, 'The GCD of', NA, ' and', NB, ' is', NGCD(NA, NB), '.' STOP END FUNCTION NGCD(NA, NB) IA = NA IB = NB 1 IF (IB.NE.0) THEN ITEMP = IA IA = IB IB = MOD(ITEMP, IB) GOTO 1 END IF NGCD = IA RETURN END ...
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