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Title: Parallel Programming
Authors: New Mexico State University
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Publisher: New Mexico State University
Abstract: CS 491: Parallel Programming Spring 2005 Science Hall 113 Tuesday, Thursday 8:55 - 10:10 Final Exam, TBD, March 2-6 Instructor: Dr. Shaun Cooper Computer Center, Room 132C3 (505) 646-6030 (505) 646-4560 (fax) Office Hours: T,TH 8:00 - 8:55 Or By Appointment Text Parallel Programming in C with MPI and OpenMP, Michael J. Quinn, ISBN: 0-07-282256-2 New $102 + Shipping, Used $65 ( Objective Parallel Programming 3 cr. Programming of shared memory and distributed memory machines; tools and languages for parallel programming; parallelizing compilers; parallel programming environments. Prerequisites: at least a C in C-S-272 and C S 370 Class Format Since this class is a programming class, we will spend a large portion of our time programming, and analyzing programs. You should be very comfortable with programming in C and expect to spend a large portion of your time writing programs for this class. Since many of the parallel programming problems we will see have scientific application, we will also spend time understanding the techniques used to solve these applications. You will find yourself with and advantage if you have had a numerical methods course. You will also find operating systems, architecture, and networking assets. We will use terms like multiple processes, shared memory, barriers, critical section, data dependencies, etc. These are not required courses for this class, but you may find yourself spending extra time outside of class gaining appropriate knowledge. The class format will be lecture/class discussion. We will use the textbook as our map. I hope to go through chapters 1-3 quickly and then start writing interesting parallel programs. Grading (tentative): Mid Term Exam: 20% (30%) Final Exam: 20% (0%) Homework: 20% (30%) Programming: 40% (40%) Values in parenthesis indicate the distribution if no Final Exam is administered. 90% - 100% == A 80% - 90% == B 70% - 80% == C 60% - 70% == D Below 60% == F If you have a question on grading, you must file the question in writing no more than 10 business days after the assignment is returned to you. Your dispute must be specific. Note that I may re-grade the entire assignment/project/exam even though you have a particular problem you want me to focus upon. No re-grading will be performed unless you make your request in writing. Final Exam: The final exam will take place on posted final exam time. Due Dates All assignments are expected to be in by the START of the class of the day they are due. This means that assignments handed in class must be in at the start of the class. Electronic submissions *MUST* be in my Email by start of class. I sync my computer with NTP (network time protocol). Late assignments will incur a 15% late per day penalty unless an exception is filed *PRIOR* to the due date (see below). Assignments later than 3 days (72 hours) will be graded as a 0. Individual exceptions There may be times where you need to have an exception to a course requirement. These exceptions *MUST* be made in a formal manner. This method helps protect you and me from a misunderstanding about the exception. The process is fairly simple. If you wish to have an exception, you must fill out an exception form. You will sign it and submit it to me for my review. After review, I will either accept your request, propose an alternative, or reject it. I will make the appropriate notation and sign the document as well. I will make a copy for you and retain the original for my records. Basically, if you require a special change to the expectations of the course, you must complete this document. If you do not complete an Individual Exception document, you will not have the exception! Emergencies I understand that you may experience an emergency. If you do experience an emergency which causes you to miss a deadline, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You should prepare an "Individual exception" so that we record the changes needed for your course requirements. Documentation supporting your emergency is expected. A Note on Incomplete The University's policy on assigning an Incomplete on classes is stated in the Bulletin as: ``Instructors may assign I grades only if the student is unable to complete the course due to circumstances beyond the student's control that develop after the last day to withdraw from the course. Examples of appropriate circumstances include documented illness, documented death or crisis in the student's immediate family, and similar circumstances. Job related circumstances are generally not appropriate grounds for assigning an I grade.'' These standards will be enforced. Attendance I expect you to be on time for class. If you are late, please be quiet as you come into the classroom. Unacceptable Behavior Assignments (including programs) in this class are to be completed individually. Copying of assignments is plagiarism and will not be tolerated. Each student in this class should have a copy of the Rules of Conduct in Computer Science Classes, and the department's Computer Use Policy. You are responsible for being aware of the contents of these documents, as well as in the Student Code of Conduct, and following the policies in them. Disabilities If you have or believe you have a disability, you may wish to self identify. You can do so by providing documentation to the Office for Services for Students with Disabilities, located at Garcia Annex (phone: 646-6840). Appropriate accommodations may then be provided for you. If you have a condition which may affect your ability to exit safely from the premises in an emergency or which may cause an emergency during class, you ae encouraged to discuss this in confidence with the instructor and/or the director of Disabled Student Programs. if you have general questions about the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), call 646-3333.
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