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Authors: Princeton Computer Science
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Publisher: Princeton Computer Science
Abstract: cos426.jpg (39279 bytes) Computer Graphics, Fall 2000 Thomas Funkhouser Department of Computer Science Princeton University General Information | Textbooks | Coursework | Syllabus | Links | References Students | Exercises | Assignments | Final Projects General Information * Professor o Thomas Funkhouser (office hours: Mon 11AM-Noon), CS 422, * Teaching Assistants o Robert Osada (office hours: Friday 1-2PM), CS 413, o Misha Kazhdan (office hours: Tues 3:30-4:30PM), CS 313, * Lab Assistants o Dusty Lennon, o James Percy, o Casey McTaggart, * Times and Places o Lectures: MWF 10AM, CS 105 (small auditorium). o Precepts: W 8PM, CS 102 * Prerequisites o Data structures and algorithms (CS 226) o A good working knowledge of C programming (CS 217) o Linear algebra (as described in Appendix A of the course book) o No prior knowledge of graphics is assumed * Keeping in touch o Send mail to the CS426 staff o Check out the pu.cs.426 newsgroup Textbooks * Required Textbook o Computer Graphics, C Version, Donald Hearn, M. Pauline Baker, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, 1997, ISBN: 0135309247. * Recommended Textbooks o OpenGL Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Jackie Neider, Tom Davis, Mason Woo, o 3rd Edition, Addison-Wesley, 1999, ISBN: 0-201-46138-2. Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice, James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner, John F. Hughes, 2nd Edition in C, Addison-Wesley, 1995, ISBN: 0201848406. Coursework * "Midterm" Exam (25%) o 7-9PM on Tuesday, 11/21 in CS 105 o Closed book. Bring a one-page "cheat sheet" with writing on both sides o It will be similar in style to last year's midterm (ps, pdf) Programming Assignments (10% each) * o Assignment #1: Image Processing (results) (movies) o Assignment #2: Ray Tracing (results) o Assignment #3: OpenGL Rendering (results) o Assignment #4: Interactive Modeling (results) o Assignment #5: Keyframe Animation (results) Final Project (20%) * o Written proposal (due Sunday, December 10, 2000) o Presentation of proposal (in class on Wednesday, December 13, 2000) o Written final report (due at 2PM on Tuesday, January 16, 2001) o Demo day (in CS105 at 2PM on Tuesday, January 16, 2001) o Results can be found here. * Class Participation (5%) o Contribute ideas in class Syllabus INTRODUCTION WEEK o Fri 9/15: Introduction + Topics: overview, applications + Readings: H&B 1, appendix A + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Movies: Class of `98 morph (sgi movie), Ice Queen (mpv), Horse (quicktime), Santa (mpeg) IMAGE PROCESSING WEEK o Mon 9/18: Image Display and Color Models + Topics: devices, color, perception + Readings: H&B 2.1-2.2, 4.3, 15.1-15.4 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Wed 9/20: Image Quantization + Topics: quantization, halftoning, dithering + Readings: H&B 14.4 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Fri 9/22: Image Sampling and Reconstruction + Topics: sampling, reconstruction, filtering + Readings: H&B 4.8 + More Readings: [Hanrahan95] ``Basic Signal Processing,'' ps, pdf + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html RENDERING WEEK o Mon 9/25: Image Warping + Topics: warping + Readings: H&B 3.1-3.4, 3.11, 6 + More Readings: [Smith95b]``A Pixel is Not a Little Square ...,'' pdf + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Wed 9/27: Image Composition and Metamorphosis + Topics: image composition and morphing + Readings: [Porter84] ``Compositing Digital Images'' + More Readings: [Smith95a] ``Image Compositing Fundamentals,'' pdf + More Readings: [Beier92] ``Feature-based Image Metamorphosis,'' pdf + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Movies: Class of `98 morph (sgi movie), Robert Osada's fish morph (quicktime, avi) + Exercises: html o Fri 9/29: 3D Rendering Overview + Topics: 3D primitives, camera models, basic ideas + Readings: H&B 9, 10.1 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Due: Image processing assignment (results, movies) + Exercises: html RAY TRACING WEEK o Mon 10/2: Ray Casting + Topics: ray construction, ray-primitive intersections + Readings: H&B 14.6 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Wed 10/4: Accelerated Ray Casting + Topics: bounding volumes, spatial data structures + Readings: H&B 7.3-7.4 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf o Fri 10/6: Illumination + Topics: reflectance models, light models, shadows, refraction, illumination equations + Readings: H&B 14.1-14.2 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html TRANSFORMATIONS WEEK o Mon 10/9: Modeling Transformations + Topics: modeling transformations, hierarchical models + Readings: H&B 5.1-5.6, 7.4, 11.1-11.5, 11.7 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Wed 10/11: Viewing Transformations + Topics: pipeline, coordinate systems, viewing transformations + Readings: H&B 9, 12.1-12.6 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Fri 10/13: Clipping + Topics: viewports, clipping + Readings: H&B 6 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Due: Ray tracing assignment POLYGON RENDERING WEEK o Mon 10/16: Scan Conversion + Topics: scan conversion, shading + Readings: H&B 3.1-3.4, 3.11, 14.2, 14.5 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf o Wed 10/18: Textures + Topics: mipmaps, bump maps, environment maps + Readings: H&B 14.9 + More Reading: [Heckbert86] ``Survey of Texture Mapping,'' ps, pdf + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Fri 10/20: Hidden Surface Removal + Topics: z-buffer, scan conversion, depth ordering + Readings: H&B 13 + Slides: postscript, pdf + Exercises: html GLOBAL ILLUMINATION WEEK o Mon 10/23: Rendering Equation + Topics: transport equations, approximation methods + Slides: postscript, pdf o Wed 10/25: Radiosity + Topics: form factor computations, matrix solution methods, adaptive meshing + Readings: H&B 14.7 + Slides: postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Fri 10/27: Modeling + Topics: overview, taxonomy + Readings: H&B 10.1, + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Due: OpenGL rendering assignment FALL BREAK WEEK CURVED SURFACES WEEK o Mon 11/6: Subdivision surfaces + Topics: subdivision, mesh data structures + Readings: [Zoran 00] "Course Notes: Subdivision for Modeling and Animation," Chapter 1, pdf + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Wed 11/8: Piecewise Polynomial Parametric Curves + Topics: Blending functions, continuity + Readings: H&B 3.7, 10.2-10.8 + Slides: postscript, pdf o Fri 11/10: Spline Curves + Topics: Bezier, Catmull-Rom, B-Splines + Readings: H&B 10.9, 10.12-10.13 + Slides: postscript, pdf + Exercises: html SOLIDS WEEK o Mon 11/13: Spline Surfaces + Topics: tensor product spline surfaces, patches + Readings: 10.2-10.9, 10.12-10.13 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Wed 11/15: Solids + Topics: voxels, constructive solid geometry, bsps + Readings: H&B 10.15-10.17, 10.22 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Exercises: html o Fri 11/17: Model Construction + Topics: interactive tools, sensors, computer vision, procedural methods + Readings: H&B 10.18-10.19 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Due: Modeling assignment THANKSGIVING WEEK o Mon 11/20: Midterm review + Topics: question and answer session + Slides: html, postscript, pdf o Tues 11/21: Midterm, 7-9PM, CS105 + Topics: everything o Wed 11/22: Reserved + Topics: recover from midterm o Fri 11/24: Thanksgiving Break ANIMATION WEEK o Mon 11/27: Keyframe Animation + Topics: animation overview, keyframing, articulated figures. + Readings: H&B 16.1-16.2, 16.4-16.5 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + More Readings: Lasseter87 o Wed 11/29: Kinematics & Dynamics + Topics: physical simulations + Readings: H&B 10.20-10.21, 16.6 + Slides: html, postscript, pdf o Fri 12/1: Special Guest Lecture + Speaker: Adam Finkelstein + Topic: cel animation SPECIAL TOPICS WEEK o Mon 12/4: Project Topics + Topic: suggest course project topics + Info: html o Wed 12/6: Special Guest Lecture + Speaker: Lee Markosian + Topic: nonphotorealistic rendering + Slides: html, postscript, pdf o Fri 12/8: Case Study + Topic: Acoustic modeling + Slides: html, postscript, pdf + Due: Animation assignment PROJECT WEEK o Mon 12/11: Project Discussion + Topic: discuss course projects with mentor + Due: Project proposal o Wed 12/13: Project Presentations + Topic: students will present course project ideas to class o Fri 12/15: Course Review + Topic: review Links * Graphics Software Documentation o OpenGL Information o OpenGL Information from SGI o OpenGL Specification and Manual Pages o GLUT Information o GLUT Specification o GLUT Sample Programs o VRML Information o VRML Specification * Graphics Instructional Notes and Applets o Brown's exploratories project o UC Davis' computer graphics notes on-line o Image processing learning resources * Graphics Information Repositories o Steve Hollasch's links o Peter Shirley's list of graphics sites o Paul Heckbert's links o Frank Crow's links o Fredo Durand's links o Dortmund's links o George Washington University's links o Technomagi's links o Magic Software's links o Karim Ratib's links o Yahoo - Computer Graphics o 3dsite * Graphics Research Labs o Princeton's Computer Graphics & Geometry Group o Other graphics research labs * Graphics Bibliographies o Siggraph Bibliography o o Bibliographies on Computer Graphics and Vision o Ray Tracing Bibliography o Radiosity Bibliography o Eurographics digital library o ACM Conference Proceedings on Computer Graphics * Graphics Courses at Other Universities: o Stanford University (CS248, CS348A, CS348B) o University of California at Berkeley (CS184, CS284, CS285) o Massachusetts Institute of Technology (6.837) o University of Washington (CS557, CS558) o University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (COMP205, COMP235,COMP236) o California Institute of Technology (CS/CNS174,CS/CNS257, CS/CNS274, CS/CNS284) o Cornell University (CS417, CS418) o Carnegie Mellon University (15-462, 15-463) o Brown University (CS123) o University of Illinois (CS318, CS319) o University of Waterloo (CS488/688, CS489/689) o University of Wisconsin (CS-638) References * [Beier92] T. Beier and S. Neely, ``Feature-based Image Metamorphosis,'' * Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 92), 26, 2, 1992, 35-42. [Hanrahan95], Pat Hanrahan, ``Basic Signal Processing,'' * Chapter 9, Course Notes for CS426, 1995. [Heckbert86] Paul Heckbert, ``Survey of Texture Mapping,'' * IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, 6, 11, November, 1986, 56-67. [Smith95a] Alvy Ray Smith, ``Image Compositing Fundamentals,'' * Technical Memo 4, Microsoft Research, Aug 15, 1995. [Smith95b] Alvy Ray Smith, ``A Pixel Is Not A Little Square ...'' * Technical Memo 6, Microsoft Research, July 17, 1995. [Smith95c] Alvy Ray Smith, ``Alpha and the History of Digital Compositing," * Technical Memo 7, Microsoft Research, August 157, 1995. [Smith95d] Alvy Ray Smith, ``Gamma Correction," Technical Memo 7, Microsoft Research, Sept 1, 1995.
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