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Allen, Fran

Allen Fran made significant contributions to compiler research. She is the first woman to become an IBM Fellow

Antonelli, Kathleen (Kay) McNulty Mauchly

She is one of the first computer programmers and one of the pioneers in programming the ENIAC

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Bartik, Jean Jennings

She is one of the pioneers in programming the ENIAC

Borg, Anita

Founder of Systers (first online community for women in computing)

Burks, Alice

One of 75 female "computers" working at the University of Pennsylvania's Moore School of Engineering to perform calculations necessary to create firing and bombing tables

Byron, Ada (Lady Lovelace)

"Wrote" first program that calculated Bernoulli numbers U. S. Department of Defense named language in 1979 in her honor

Chen, Marina C.

Research includes design and implementation of Fortran-90 compilers for high performance platforms * Chair of the Computer Science Department at Boston University * President of Cooperating Systems Corporation

Clarke, Edith

First woman to earn MSc. Degree from MIT in EE in 1919 * Received patent in 1921 for a graphical calculator * First woman to teach engineering at University of Texas, Austin in 1947

Davis, Ruth

Provided leadership at the National Bureau of Standards * President and Founder of the Pymatuning Group

Dayhoff, Ruth

Wrote Information Processing Standards and also wrote about the object-oriented properties of MUMPS


Antonelli, Kathleen (Kay) McNulty Mauchly * Bartik, Jean Jennings * Holberton, Frances Snyder (Betty) * Meltzer, Marlyn Wescoff * Spence, Frances Bilas * Teitelbaum, Ruth Lichterman * First to program with machine language and first to program with ENIAC * First “computers” used to make calculations for tables of bombing and firing trajectories

Estrin, Thelma

Recognized for her computer contributions to brain research and healthcare technology

Goldberg, Adele

Co-authored a series of textbooks on computer science during 1960s and1970s

Fox, Margaret R.

Electronics engineer in radar at the Naval Research Station in Washington * Chief of the Office of Computer Information in the NBS Institute for Computer Science and Technology

Goldberg, Adele

Led design team for Smalltalk * Worked in creation of first window- and icon-based user interface

Goldstine, Adele

Wrote Manual for the ENIAC which detailed the machine down to its resistors

Goldwasser, Shafi

Research areas include complexity theory, cryptography, and computational number theory * Two-time winner of the Goedel Prize in theoretical computer science

Granville, Evelyn Boyd

First African American woman to earn a Ph.D. in Mathematics (Yale,1949) * Developed computer programs used to analyze trajectories in the MercuryProject (first manned U.S. space mission) and in the Apollo Project (sending U.S.astronauts to the moon)


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